What do bed bug eggs look like? Pictures of bed bug eggs


Bed bugs live for nearly 10 months and go through a life cycle from egg to adult. Infestations typically begin with a female bed bug who bites her victim for blood when she arrives in her new home, and after that for another meal 2 weeks later. Then, she would lay eggs at a rate of 3 every day. Eggs would hatch in 2 weeks. The newborn nymph starts searching for food immediately and grows into an adult bed bug in 4 months. The speed of reproduction and general life span is influenced by heat in the room and what is described above assumes a room at 68F (20C). Every female bed bug lays nearly 3 to 8 eggs at once and up to 500 eggs during her 10-month life. What do bed bug eggs look like? All eggs are 1/25 inch and oval-shaped. Bed bugs usually lay eggs in a sticky group. A nymph will drink blood 24 hours after hatching.

What do bed bug eggs look like?

What do bed bug eggs look like?

Bed bug eggs and feces

Bed bug eggs are shiny and differ from slightly transparent to white. That’s what do bed bug eggs look like. They are laid both in bed bug harborages and places far from them (female bed bugs often lay some eggs away from the main population). They have a sticky surface when they are fresh. It glues them to surfaces and makes them look shiny. Bed bug eggs are nearly 1 mm long.

They are more frequently laid on wooden and fabric surfaces than on plastic or metallic ones.


What do bed bug eggs look like? Egg shells

Empty egg shells

Empty egg husks are definitely signs of an increasing multi-generational bed bug infestation. Despite their small size, they can be seen by the naked eye, especially with the help of a magnifying glass.

They resemble dried out casings of live bed bug eggs but are not so shiny and more flattened.

They can be discovered in the locations where bed bugs hide, usually on rough surfaces.

While none of these signs are 100% proof of an active bed bug population, bugs don’t vanish on their own. So think of them as certain clues of the infestation – but don’t stop there. You have to prove the presence of bed bugs themselves to confirm it.


What do bed bug eggs look like? Newborn nymph

Newborn bed bug nymph

Newborn bed bugs, also known as nymphs, have smaller size and lighter color than grown-ups. They can be almost transparent until feeding, when they become blood red.

Depending on their age, bed bugs vary from tiny size (like a pin-head or poppy seed) when they’ve just hatched to approximately ¼” as they become adults.

Nymphs are often the first live bugs that are discovered because they usually drink blood more frequently than mature bugs.



What do bed bug eggs look like on a white surface?

Bed bug eggs on a white surface

What do bed bug eggs look like?

What does a bed bug egg look like?

What do bed bug eggs look like?

Bed bug eggs, ready to hatch

What do bed bug eggs look like on wood?

Bed bug eggs are often found on wood

What do bed bug eggs look like on a sofa?

Bed bug eggs on a blue sofa

What do bed bug eggs look like? Eggs and bugs

Bed bug eggs and adult bugs

What do bed bug eggs look like? Lots of eggs

Many bed bug eggs

















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    They will strain your mind and body for months. Best to relocate your sleeping wuaters temporarily or they will drive you crazy.
    You Must inspect in crevices of your bedframe if metal or wood or both with a very bright flashlight. Spray with killer, for days. Standby cause they will start evacuate. Kill with tissue, crush n spray eggs again and again.

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