The Best Way to Kill Bed Bugs For Good. Let’s Find Out!

best way to kill bed bugs

Before you start killing bed bugs, it is important that you first find where they are hiding. Signs to look out for are blood stains on bed sheets, bed bug fecal spots, egg shells and shed skin, and lastly a foul odor from bed bug scent glands. What is the best way to kill bed bugs in your home completely?

Are insecticides the best way to kill bed bugs?

Insecticides are probably the best way to kill bed bugs. There are a wide variety of insecticides on the market. However, you should note that pesticides are hazardous so precaution should be taken when using them. Do not spray directly on the mattress and keep out of reach of children. It is advisable that you use a combination of different insecticides to get rid of bed bugs for good because they can easily become resistant if one type of insecticides is used.

Before you buy pesticides, you should know that there are different classifications of insecticide application, namely:

Indoor surface

Also known as residual treatments, indoor surface treatments focus on areas where bed bugs normally pass as they go to feed on their prey and their breeding areas. This type of treatment is highly effective because it stays active for a longer period.

Indoor space and fumigation

With indoor space treatment, bed bugs are treated directly. These are normally aerosol sprays, so when using them, spray the insecticide in the air where the bed bug infestation is. This treatment can be used to treat clothing and stuffed animals, ensure that you hide these items in a plastic bag or lock them in the closet for about 25 minutes before you spray.

Creases and Crevices

These applications are good for hard to reach areas like crevices and creases. Here granular pesticides are applied using a brush because the brush easily penetrates the cracks and crevices deeper than insecticides applied as a wet spray.


This is a safe insecticide meaning it can be used almost everywhere. Despite the fact that it does not kill bedbug directly, it is very useful in preventing bed bug reproduction, so it’s probably the best way to kill bed bugs. It is available in solid, liquid and aerosol form.


Is Deltamethrin the best way to kill bed bugs?

Deltamethrin molecule

This is a very popular treatment composed of ingredients such as cypermethrin, and cyfluthrin which are odorless and non-residual. It is safe for people and efficient in killing adult bed bugs because it has properties that paralyze them to death. Just like Hydroplane, it is available in liquid, solid and aerosol form.

Various types of insecticides work. Differently, there are those that kill bed bugs on instantly once applied to the bugs while others work when they reach deep inside crevices where the bed bugs reside. Therefore you will need both short term and long term solutions depending on where the infestation is in your home.

When using insecticides to kill bed bugs, it is advisable that you choose several applications of insecticides to get rid of the bed bug infestation in your home entirely. Endeavor to read the instructions on the packaging of the insecticides and remember to keep them out of reach of children and pets.

Natural ways to get rid of bed bugs

Reduce clutter

Take away items in your room that can easily be moved for example stuffed animals, blankets, toys, electronics among others. Pac k them in a plastic bag and seal it off so that you avoid transporting bed bugs to other areas.

Caulk and seal

To keep bed bugs from passing through your walls and other outlets. When you spray your home with insecticides, bed bugs usually hide deeper in walls, between cracks and spaces between baseboards, they can even travel to the nearest home through wall cracks. To avoid this, carefully seal up all every single crack in your walls and on baseboards to prevent bed bugs from hiding there.

Caulking against bed bugs is very cheap and will save you a lot of time and money. With or without bed bugs, seal your home to prevent the bugs from evading it.

Using steamers to kill bed bugs

Steaming is a highly effective method for killing bed bugs. Due to the high temperatures from steaming, no bed bug is spared, not even the eggs. However, steam machines are a quite expensive costing between $750-$1300; it might be hard for an individual to purchase it on their own, in this case, it’s advisable that one rents a steam machine,

Vacuuming to get rid of bed bugs

Vacuuming is also a good natural way to kill bed bugs. In order to kill bedbugs with a vacuum effectively, you should ensure that; the suction of the vacuum machine is very strong, spend enough time in highly infested areas, apply other ways for getting rid of bed bugs like laundering, steaming and freezing alongside vacuuming, and be gentle when vacuuming-do not press the machines hard on the fabric as this might easily make bedbugs move away.


Heat is another effective natural way you can use to kill bed bugs. It reaches all corners of the infested area; therefore getting rid of all bed bugs from eggs to adults. Heat reaches all corners of a room, mattresses, bed sheets, and hard to reach places like hidden crevices. For heat to effectively work, high temperatures are set, that is around 140°F for two hours. lethal

However, this method is quite expensive; it is better to hire a professional to do it for you because they have enough experience and the best equipment.

Freezing items to kill bed bugs

You can kill bed bugs for good by freezing. Collect your infested house hold items that fit in a freezer and place them there. However, you should note that bed bugs will die in the freezer only if you set the right temperature which is below 0°F. Wrap the infested items in a plastic bag before putting them in the freezer.

Items that can be frozen include; Clothes, shoes, toys, jewelry, electronics without LCD screen among others while items that should not be frozen are; electronics with LCD screen, items containing high moisture and items that can easily get spoilt.

Diatomaceous Earth

This is an effective natural insecticide that kills bed bugs. It is a unique type of algae that kills bed bugs by absorbing moisture out of them, therefore leaving them dehydrated and eventually leading to death. Unlike insecticides, Diatomaceous earth is neither harmful to children or pets as it is safe and non-toxic. It comes in powder form.

To eliminate bed bugs in your home using diatomaceous earth, dust the natural powder around the bed bug infested areas. To ensure that all bed bugs have been killed, repeat this process three days for two consecutive weeks.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is an effective natural essential oil used to kill bed bugs. It can be used to eliminate bed bugs that are hiding in places which are hard to reach like cracks and crevices.

Mix 20 drops of tea tree oil and water in a spray bottle and apply the solution to the bed bug infested areas. Use tea tree oil to kill bed bugs in clothing by washing them with a few drops of tea tree oil added. However, be careful when using tea tree oil, it is very toxic, so keep it very far away from children and pets. Spray the infested areas daily using tea tree oil to eliminate the bed bugs. Do not forget to shake the spray before each application.

Lavender oil

Just like Tea tree oil, lavender oil works wonders too when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs. It is made up of toxic insect repellant properties, therefore no bed bug will be spared when it is applied in bed bug infested areas. Lavender oil also kills bed bugs in all stages of development, that is, eggs, larvae and the adult bed bugs. In a spray bottle, mix 15-20 drops of lavender oil to a spray bottle filled with water on any visible bedbugs and infestation areas in your home.

Another way to use lavender oil to kill bed bugs is by mixing it with peppermint oil, the solution made will effectively eradicate all bedbugs in your home.

Best thing to get rid of bed bugs in the bed

The name “Bed bugs” came from the fact that bed bugs are mostly found in and around the bed. However, they can also be located in other places like couches, clothes, wall paper among others Below are steps to follow to kill bed bugs in bed;

Before you do anything else, first remove all beddings from your bed, that is bed sheets, pillowcases, duvet and seal them off in a plastic bag to prevent bedbugs from escaping.

Wash and dry the beddings using hot water and high heat respectively.

Check your mattress, bed frame, box spring and head and foot boards for any eggs or live bed bugs. Carefully test the mattress label and stitch lines for bed bugs.

Vacuum your bed and the whole bedroom to capture any bed bugs or eggs hiding around the seams of your mattress, box spring, pillows and bed frame.

Steam the bed and entire bedroom using high-pressure steam machines to be 100% sure that you have killed off all the bed bugs on your bed. Steam is highly effective because it quickly penetrates the mattresses, box spring, pillow cases and head frame.

Using a contact spray and residential spray, spray the joints of the bed frame, footboard, and headboard. Carefully follow instructions on these sprays.

When your mattress and box spring are dry, put them in sealed bed bug encasements to prevent bed bugs from escaping into the mattress and box spring. The encasements should stay on for over one and a half years so that all bed bugs trapped inside die.

Last but not least, put back your mattress and box spring on the bed frame. Also, lay your bed using the beddings you laundered earlier.

Cheap easy way to get rid of bed bugs

If you do not want to dig too deep in your pocket or do not have enough money, here are some cheap ways you can use to get rid of bed bugs.


Laundering clothes is not only pretty easy to do, but it is very inexpensive as well. It is advisable that after washing your bed bug infested clothes, you dry them using dryers. The heat from drying will completely kill all remaining bugs. Safely store away your clean clothes in a plastic bag after washing and drying and seal it to prevent bed bugs from accessing them

Cold treatment

This is a cheap way to get rid of bed bugs, all you need is put the infested items in your freezer at home. Set your freezer to 0°F or below and leave the items there for four days. Make sure you bag or your items or seal them in a plastic bag before placing them in the freezer to prevent them from getting damaged y the freezing temperature.

Essential oils

Essential oils such as lavender oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, thyme oil, lemon grass oil among others are effective repellents of bed bugs. Not only are they affordable, but also easy to use. In a spray bottle filled with water, add 10-20 drops of any of the above oils and spray in bed bug infested areas.

Essential oils are a must have when planning to travel, spray your luggage- inside and outside the bags before you pack your items to kill off any bed bugs that are planning to hitchhike onto your luggage as you travel.


Alcohol is also a cheap way to get rid of the annoying bed bugs. It is an effective bed bug repellent– bed bugs can not stand the smell of alcohol. Rub alcohol in infested areas. It is advisable that you use 91 percent solution isopropyl alcohol because it will give you the best results


Encasement is another cheap way to get rid of bed bugs from evading your space. encasement. Do this by encasing your mattresses, spring boxes, and pillows. Encasements refer to tightly woven covers that prevent bed bugs from entering or escaping mattresses, pillows and spring boxes.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is also an inexpensive way to get rid of bed bugs. It is a natural powder that absorbs fats and oils from bed bugs. This makes the bed bugs dehydrated, therefore leading to their death.

How to quickly get rid of bed bugs

Vacuum your whole house to ensure that the vacuum machine sucks up almost all the bed bugs and their eggs.

Wash all your clothes including bed sheets and other beddings using boiling water. It’s highly recommended that you wash them twice to get rid off of all hidden bed bugs.

Use a clothes dryer on high heat to get rid of all the bed bugs that could have remained after washing your clothes.

Hire a licensed professional to do the work for you. Not only are they fast at getting the job done, but they are also experts at it-they know bedbugs in and out. Therefore they understand the best ways to track and kill bugs very fast and efficiently.


It is possible to live in a bed bug-free home. If your home is already infested with these bugs, it is crucial that you find the infested areas first, and then apply any of the above ways to kill bed bugs to get rid of them in your house for good.





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