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spray for bed bugs

You might be looking for an efficient spray for bed bugs if your house is infested with these pesky, little creatures. To tackle bed bug infestation, there are many options, perhaps none more effective than spray. Bed bugs spray can be broadly divided into two types: chemical and all-natural. The main advantage of all-natural bed bug killing spray is that it’s not harmful for humans. The same thing, however, cannot be said about chemical sprays. This might be true for bug bombs as well.

Many homeowners ask, “Do bed bug bombs work?” Well, they are not very effective at killing bed bugs and also might be dangerous. So, it’s best you avoid them. However, you might want to consider essential oil spray for killing bed bugs. Two most common essential oil sprays for killing bed bugs are discussed ahead, along with tips on how to prevent bed bug infestation in future.

When do you need a spray for bed bugs?

Signs of bed bugs infestation are:

  • Bed bug bites – Appearance of red, flat welts in small clusters or zigzag lines can be indicative of bed bug infestation. Sometimes, these irritating creatures also leave their bites in a straight line. While there’s no risk of contracting diseases from bed bugs, their bites can be quite annoying, to say the least. Scratching bed bug bites can make matters worse and leads to bleeding.
  • Uncomfortable nights – The most common hiding place for bed bugs is the bed. As they are most active at night, their presence in bedding can make nights difficult for you. If your sleep is disturbed and there are reddish, itchy welts on your body, especially the arms and shoulders which are the areas where bed bugs bite most, chances are you are dealing with a bed bug infestation.
  • Reddish or rusty stains on bed sheets – If you find such stains on your bed sheets or mattresses (which can be caused by bed bugs being crushed) in the morning, this means your home is infested with bed bugs.
  • Live bed bugs – Well, if you see bed bugs, obviously you are dealing with a bed bug infestation. Take action quickly, because seeing live bed bugs mean the infestation is likely to be not small.

How to use spray for bed bugs

If you want to use a bed bug spray for treating a bed bug infestation, these are the steps you need to perform:

  1. Remove all linen as well as bedding from the bed. Also, remove all cloth items and curtains. This includes clothing items which are in all the rooms as well as those in the closets or drawers.
  2. Take a big plastic trash bag, throw all these items into it and then finally strongly tie the bag. Remember to put the bedding in the plastic bag in the infected room itself. The exercise of using bed bugs killing spray might fail to produce hundred percent results if you don’t do so. This is because if you take the bedding separately from the infected room to the laundry room, bed bugs might fall and infect other areas of the home.
  3. Insert your bag in the washer and then open it to drop its contents into the machine. When washing and drying the bedding, set the setting at highest heat. As you may know, bed bugs can’t survive high heat.  At high heat, all bed bugs, as well as their eggs present in your clothes, linens, and bedding, will die. Don’t forget to throw away the plastic drop bag in a trash tin outside your home.
  4. Next you must remove mattress as well as box spring from your bed. However, keep both in the same room.
  5. Remove all the drawers in the room, including those on the nightstands, dressing table, etc.
  6. Vacuum your room thoroughly, including furniture, bed, baseboards, and carpets.
  7. Using a bed bug spray (you can use a chemical spray or an all-natural spray such as lavender oil spray or cedar oil spray) to kill bed bugs. Don’t forget to spray those hard-to-reach areas as well, because bed bugs are most likely to hide in such places.
  8. Let all the items dry completely.
  9. Reassemble the room. You might want to use bed bug mattress covers as well as bed bug box spring covers, both of which are effective in killing bed bugs. The thing is that while bed bugs killing spray supremely effective in areas where it can contact these pesky creatures and their eggs, the spray is not so effective on box springs and mattresses as the spray cannot penetrate fully. That’s why the use of bed bug box spring covers and bed bug mattress covers is recommended. Both the items works by keeping bed bugs away while at the same time not allowing any trapped bed bugs from leaving. This way the trapped bed bugs eventually die and your mattress and box spring become bed bug-free. Standard mattresses are not effective in catching the already-present bed bugs as they come with zippers from which bed bugs can slip away. However, bed bug box spring covers and bed bug mattress covers have a special design which makes it impossible for bed bugs trapped inside to escape.
  10. Finally reapply the spray to your carpet and furniture once every week for a couple of months, if not more. In case you’ve not opted to use bed bug box spring covers and bed bug mattress covers, you should spray them too.

Lavender oil spray for bed bugs

Lavender Oil Spray for Bed Bugs

Lavender Oil bottles

Lavender oil has many benefits. One such benefit is its efficacy in killing bed bugs. When used in moderation, lavender oil is completely safe for removing bed bugs. While we humans love its smell, bed bugs absolutely hate it.

You can use lavender essential oil and lavender spray for killing bed bugs in bed and elsewhere in many ways. Some standard and efficient methods are as follows:

Apply undiluted lavender everywhere

Getting rid of bed bugs using lavender essential oil is very easy. Start by sprinkling a few drops of it in the corners of the living space, particularly corners of your bed. Doing so will keep bed bugs away from you, allowing you to enjoy peaceful night’s sleep. As lavender has a strong relaxing effect on the mind, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning.

Apply lavender spray

Create a spray solution of lavender yourself. Fill a spray bottle with 1-cup lavender hydrosol (you can also use clean water if you want) and 1-teaspoon lavender oil (which is about 50 drops) to prepare a strong spray for killing bed bugs. Vigorously shake the bottle and then spray the solution on your bedding, carpets, furniture, and clothes. Ensure that you thoroughly rinse the teaspoon you used for adding lavender oil. Lavender oil, like other essential oil, should never be ingested.

Apply lavender oil on cotton balls

Another effective method of making your home bug-free is by applying a few drops of this essential oil on cotton balls and leaving them in parts of the house where bugs are likely to be, like the bed, closet, dresser.

Apply lavender oil on small clay balls

This method is even more potent than the previous one. When you use cotton balls, lavender tends to lose its efficacy in a fairly short time. On the other hand, lavender keeps its bug-killing potency on clay diffuser balls for a longer time.

You can use earth clay to make small clay balls. You can also utilize cornstarch paste, which is also effective for this purpose, for creating diffuser balls. Just like in case of cotton balls, place the clay or cornstarch diffuser balls in those parts of the house where bed bugs like to hide.


You can terminate bed bugs as well as their eggs by steam. Add 4-5 teaspoons of lavender hydrosol for steaming the bedding, curtains, carpets, cushions, and, of course, upholstery. You might also use lavender oil, but it might cause damage to the steamer. Read the manufacturer’s instructions on the label of your portable steamer first if you are planning to use lavender oil.

Cedar oil spray for bed bugs

Cedar Oil Spray for Bed Bugs

Cedar Oil bottle

An essential oil obtained from conifer trees, cedar oil, is used for many purposes, such as in aromatherapy, pest control, and perfumes. It is also used for getting rid of bed bugs. It seems that bed bugs hate the smell of cedar oil and don’t come near places where its smell is present.

If you have a bed bug infestation in your home, you must take corrective measures immediately. Start by using something that’s absolutely safe for humans yet a useful bugs killing spray, like cedar oil spray.

Here are some ways you can use cedar oil spray to remove all traces of bed bugs from your house and enjoy a restful night’s sleep every night.

  • Apply cedar oil spray – You can prepare cedar oil spray the same way as lavender oil spray. Mix a teaspoon of cedar oil in a cup of water and fill the solution in a spray bottle. Next, spray it onto your clothes, curtains, linens, and bedding, as well as in all nook and corners of your home.
  • Apply cedar oil directly – Sprinkle a few drops of undiluted cedar oil in the corners of the home, particularly the corners of the bed where bed bugs like to hide typically.
  • Steaming – You can burn essential cedar oil can in a portable steamer to kill bed bugs and their eggs. Do remember to wash the steamer thoroughly afterwards.

Once you’ve made your home bed-bug free, you must ensure it stays that way. Otherwise, you’ll have to repeat the whole exercise of removing bed bugs from your home again, which certainly won’t be much fun.

How to prevent the infestation?

If you are wondering how you can prevent bed bugs from entering your home ever again, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Learn to identify bed bug – You can’t win over an enemy if you don’t recognize it, can you? Therefore familiarize yourself with how bed bugs look. Because if you know how a bed bugs look, you’ll have a stronger chance of quickly leaving a hotel room infected with bed bugs, before they can cling on to your clothes or luggage. Reddish-brown in color, bed bugs have a flat oval body. The average length of an adult bug is approximately 1/5 inch. One thing you must remember that while most bed bugs are reddish-brown in color, some might have a different color. It is not uncommon to find deep brown, burnt orange, or light tan bed bugs.
  • Check a hotel room before unpacking – In case you are staying in a hotel, you can ensure that these little pesky creatures don’t attach themselves to your luggage or clothes and come to your home with you by checking your hotel room thoroughly before unpacking.
  • Wash infected clothing as soon as you reach home. If you suspect that some of your cloths have been infected with bed bugs during your stay in a hotel, the first thing you need to do is put these cloths in a plastic bag and seal it tightly. Next the moment you reach your home, put the plastic bag in the washing machine, rip it to release its content in the belly of the washing machine, and set the machine to its highest setting. And yes, don’t forget to quickly throw away the remains of the plastic bag into a dustbin outside your home.
  • Check used clothing and furniture for bed bugs – If you are not careful, bed bugs might enter your home with any used clothing or furniture that you buy. Wash any clothing that you purchase in resale the moment it enters your house. Inspect used furniture thoroughly before purchasing it. As far as used mattresses are concerned, it is best to avoid them because they have a high risk of bed bug infestation and are not easy to inspect.
  • Use bed bug spray if you suspect of any new infestation – If, even after your best efforts, bed bugs have infested your home again, take action immediately. Otherwise a small infestation will become a huge problem. Use effective spray to get rid of the new infestation and take greater precautions in future.




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