Jet2 apologises after a family has been terrorized by bed bugs


Jet2 apologises after a family has been terrorized by bed bugs making HUNDREDS of painful bites from living in a Menorca room that had to be disinfected.

Liam Edmonds and Laura Docherty were at a vacation apartment in Sol Parc. They were bitten many times because of a bed bug infestation. Jet2 has apologised for the horrific incident and cleaned the property.

Disgusting photos demonstrate how a Scottish family were terrorized by an infestation of blood-drinking parasites at their ‘awful’ Spanish vacation hotel.

Liam Edmonds and Laura Docherty discovered the nasty insects living in the mattresses and wooden frames of their beds on a vacation with their two kids to Sol Parc in Menorca.

The spouses, from Edinburgh, posted photographs of their arms and legs, which were covered in lots of bites that have cost them £80 so far to treat.

Liam and Laura have been moved to another room in the same building.

Jet2 has apologised for their nightmarish ordeal and revealed that their first room had been cleeaned, and that all the family’s medical expenses will be covered.

Laura used to think the bites were an allergy to Spanish trees but then they discovered the bugs under their beds when living at Sol Parc Apartments in Son Parc.

The family were told to disinfect everything that they wore and were administered an injection and treatment from Spanish medics.

Laura wrote on Tuesday:

‘All of us are so itchy and in pain. We have two little kids with us! The most awful holiday ever.’

On Thursday she posted an update, adding: ‘Had to ask to disinfect our clothes. Went to the physician, me and my husband had to get an injection in the butt and took cream and pills, boys have medicine and cream and of course, we now don’t have any clothes so we have to stay inside, another day spoiled.

‘Moved to another room again because of the infestation.

‘I have travelled with Jet2 most of the times; they have always been great but when you’ve got an issue they’re useless, left us in a horrible condition. Three days of a nightmare left though. Euro 55 for physicians and Euro 34 for treatment.’

‘It’s outrageous. Seems like I’m in hell. Nobody cares that we don’t have any clothes and I’m sure they don’t realise how troublesome bed bugs are. Disinfectors walked in with a tin of anti-fly spray.

‘By now, the hotel have offered us our three meals every day with drinks included. Me, my husband and our two kids, aged three and four, have nothing to wear.

‘They have moved our room but I suppose we are contaminating this one too. I slept only four hours because of itching, and our suitcases are on the balcony. No pleasure at all. Our holiday is wasted.’

Laura’s complaint has been reposted more than 1,500 times and attracted lots of comments from shocked followers.
Liam also posted a photograph of his arm covered in bites on the Jet2 Facebook page, prompting the firm to say they’d look into it.

A Jet2holidays spokeswoman answered: ‘We are really sorry to hear about what happened to Mr Edmonds’ and Miss Docherty.

‘This has been a single case in one room, which the hotel has now disinfected.

‘Our in-resort crew is doing all that’s possible to support and help the family.’

Another representative said: ‘We are compensating all medical costs and going to give replacement suitcases.’


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