How do you get bed bug? Only truth without myths

How do you get bed bug

To rightfully answer the question – how do you get bed bug? – you need to know a few facts about them. This will give you a better understanding of what you are dealing with when it comes to their eradication. A good bed bugs wiki provides you with all you need to know about these creatures – how they feed, where they can be found and how to get rid of them.


How do you get bed bug? Bed bug facts

What are they?

Bed bugs are flat, oval creatures that find their comfort in beds simply because this gives them plenty of access to blood! It is no wonder that they are named ‘bed bugs.’ Although they don’t transmit diseases, these creatures can be a pain in all the wrong places when they decide to invade. You can say that a bed bug that has had its fill of blood when it turns red and goes from flat oval to roundish. When a bed bug has not feasted on blood, however, it retains a mahogany color.

Bed bugs don’t stop at feasting on human blood; they can also take pleasure in animal blood. Humans are however the preferred source of food since our skin tends to be exposed for easy access.

Where are they found?

How do you get bed bug in your home?

How do you get bed bug?


Bed bugs can be found almost anywhere that has easy access to human/animal blood. Contrary to popular belief, they are found not only in dirty places. You can also find them in an immaculate place as long as there is blood within reach.

Bed bugs love to hide in beds as well as small cracks and crevices. In essence, they like to hive in dark and hard-to-reach places as long as their prey is within reach.

Not only can they be found in disgusting motels, but they can also be found in airports, hotels, hotels, churches, dormitories, hospitals and office building. It doesn’t matter how dirty or clean the place may be; bed bugs will make themselves at home as long as there is blood to be enjoyed. So, let’s see how do you get bed bug.

How do you get bed bug? Causes and Cure

Causes of bed bugs infestation

In the days of old, you would be forgiven for assuming that bed bugs are only found in dirty homes/places. However, this is not the case as bed bugs can also be found in spotless and tidy homes or hotels. The reason behind this is that bed bugs do not follow dirt. They follow blood. As such, as long as there is human blood or even some animal blood such as that of cats and dogs, then they will easily make their home in such a place.

There are many reported instances of bed bugs all over the world now simply because many people travel the world. If belongings are not secured, then bed bugs will catch a free ride with individuals from place to place thus finding their way around the world. An adult bed bug is capable of laying over 200 eggs, which eggs will bring forth more bed bugs.

With this statistic, you can imagine just home many bed bugs you will be dealing with if they decide to become a nuisance in your home! In case you decide to get rid of them, you have to remember to get rid of the eggs as well to avoid a future re-occurrence. Imagine using a bed bug detergent to get rid of all the bed bugs in your home while there are hundreds of bed bug eggs hidden in cracks and crevices just waiting for new bed bugs to come to life! That is a terrifying thought!!

Where do bed bugs start?

How do you get bed bug like this one?

How do you get bed bug like this?


Thanks to their size and body shape, bed bugs can easily hide in tiny cracks and crevices around your home, office, hotel or motel. This is why in many instances unless you notice their poop or eggs in plain sight, you might need the use of a magnifying glass to verify that you have a bed bug problem.

It is also that much harder to get an idea of just how bad the problem is since bed bugs are not social creatures. This means that you may find one or two and assume yours is not a huge problem and yet you have hundreds if not thousands hiding away in hard-to-reach places around your home.

Where do you get bed bug from?

Bed bugs can be gotten from anywhere.  There are some scenarios to consider. You may check–in bed bug-free into a clean hotel and check-out with bed bugs nestling in your luggage. You will then offload your luggage home and introduce the nasty creatures into your home.

You may board public transportation such as a bus, airplane or train and sit next to so someone who has a bed bug problem then board off with one or two clinging to your clothes or skin. You may find a nice looking piece of furniture on the street and bring it back home only to realize later that you actually brought back home bed bugs!

You may also move into a very clean apartment and think that there are no bed bugs only for you to discover them weeks later! This is because bed bugs know how to hide. They also know how to survive for months on end with no food until the next victim(s) make an appearance!

In essence, bed bugs can be picked up from just about anywhere-as long as there is human blood or some animal blood within easy reach. They can also be easily transported from place to place since they are small in size and may not be easily identified.

Prevention is better than cure

It is possible to avoid a bed bug infestation in your home. There are some steps you can take to ensure that you don’t face a bed bug infestation in your home. You can thoroughly inspect your hotel room before making yourself comfortable. Be sure to check the mattress, its piping and box spring before making yourself at home. To further avoid the scenario of carrying bed bugs, you can wrap your luggage in plastic and keep them off the floor.

If you are from traveling, be sure to launder your clothes as soon you as you get back home. When unpacking, it is always a good idea to unpack away from the carpet as bed bugs may make their way there! Instead, you should consider unpacking on a clean, clear floor that allows you inspect your luggage for any bed bugs. When you are done unpacking, you should consider thoroughly vacuuming your suitcases or travel bags.

How do you know if you got bed bug bites?

When a mosquito bites you as you sleep, the chances are high that you will feel the bite. Unfortunately, that is not the case with bed bugs. This is why you may wake up to bed bug bites and not even know you have been bitten until you see or feel the bites or when they start itching. The reason is that when bed bugs bite the human skin, they inject it with saliva which helps keep the blood from clotting. The bed bugs also can bite the human skin minus causing immediate hurt from the bite.

In most cases, bed bug bites may be confused with other bites such as those from mites, mosquitoes or lice. To ascertain that yours are bed bug bites, you need to pay attention to the pattern of the bites. Bed bugs typically move in a straight line as they bite and suckle blood. As such, you will notice a straight line or clumps marking where the bites are on your skin. The bites may also be singular thus making it hard to clearly identify whether or not you have been bitten by a bed bug!

Different people react differently to bed bug bites. Some may get itchy skin after the bite while others may not even notice that they have been bitten.

How do you catch bed bugs?

It is pretty hard to catch bed bugs. This is because of their flat, tiny bodies.  To successfully catch and properly identify a bed bug, you can make use of tweezers or sticky tape. To use these instruments, however, the bed bugs have to be in clear view, something which may not always be the case.

As such, you will need to make use of a knife or credit card to swipe bed bugs out of cracks in your home if you think that you have an infestation. You may also vacuum your home and take a look at the vacuum bag for any bed bugs.

There are signs that can help you determine whether or not you have bed bugs in your home. You can take a look at your bed sheets and find out whether or not there are blood spots. You should also look out for bed bug poop and cast skins in your search.  You may also notice a sweet musty odor in a bed bug infested room.

How did I get bed bugs?

The above is a question that many ask when they discover that they have a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs can be gotten from anywhere-it doesn’t matter how clean you or your home is. You can get them in a motel room, hotel room, on an airplane, a train or bus and you can also get them from your neighbor!

How do bed bugs get in your bed?

If your mattress is not encased and protected, then chances are high that bed bugs will find their way to your bed! Considering their tiny size, bed bugs are capable of crawling in tiny cracks on your bed thereby making their way to your body!

Where do bed bugs come from?

Bed bugs can come from literally anywhere-as long as there is human blood or some animal blood in the vicinity. If there is no human or animal blood in a given empty apartment for example, doesn’t mean that there won’t be bed bugs. Bed bugs that were feasting on the previous owners may have laid in wait for the next victims!

How do bed bugs get into your house?

Children visiting the neighbors or going to school may bring bed bugs to your home. When you travel, you may carry bed bugs in your luggage into your home. When you use public transportation, you may carry back a bed bug or two. If your house is next door to a house that is infested with bed bugs, then you may also get some into your house!

The list goes on, but ultimately, you should know that bed bugs will come into your house at any given moment. They are tiny by nature and can comfortably be transported from place to place by their prey. As such, you may wish to pay extra attention to your house when searching for bed bugs. If you notice one or two, then you need to devise means of getting rid of them!

How do bed bugs get into your bed?

Bed bugs feast on blood to survive. They are also small enough to crawl in and out of very tiny spaces such as tiny cracks and crevices in your home. As such, you shouldn’t wonder how they get into your bed. As you lay in bed, bed bugs sniff blood aka food and will crawl from their hiding places to enjoy. They can crawl over a vast number of materials to reach their destination

In case you don’t want bed bugs in your bed then you can spray or powder the bed with appropriate bed bug elimination remedies. You can also have your bed and mattress properly encased so that bed bugs have a difficult time gaining access. You may also place deterring agents such as peppermint oil, diatomaceous earth or some other helpful remedies around your bed to limit bed bug movements into your bed.

If you wish to fight them naturally, then you can take apart your bed if possible and thoroughly vacuum it. You can then make use of a steamer to wipe out any left-over bed bugs.

How do you get rid of bed bugs? Home remedies

There are some natural remedies to get rid of bed bugs. Some are effective while others may not be as effective.

Generally speaking. However, you can naturally kill bed bugs by:

– Thoroughly cleaning your home. You should consider scrubbing with a stiff brush to remove eggs from a given spot in your home. You should also consider using a powerful vacuum to help remove bed bugs from as many cracks and crevices as possible.

Remove as much furniture as possible from potential hiding spots and proceed to vacuum and clean. You should also consider dismantling furniture to inspect and get rid of bed bugs and their eggs.

– Bed bugs hate heat. This is why it is a good idea to make use of a good steamer to naturally kill bed bugs, their eggs, and nymphs. As a tip, you should consider using a large nozzle as opposed to a small one; since the little nozzle may only work at blowing the bed bugs from one place to another. Don’t be in a hurry to move from place to place as you steam. Instead, you should move as slowly as possible as you cover as much ground as possible.

– If you notice bed bugs on your bed, then you should vacuum and steam it before introducing mattress encasements. This will deter future bed bugs from making their way to your bed.


Generally speaking, bed bugs tend to hide in mattresses, bedding, carpets, bed frames as well as base boards. They will make themselves a home in a cluttered room/ That’s why it is advisable to get rid of as much clutter as possible. Bed bugs are carried around by humans through luggage, clothes and at times in the hair.

It is possible to naturally get rid of bed bugs. However, it is better to make use of more than one method to eradicate these creatures. Better yet, it is a good idea to call a professional to find and get rid of bed bugs in your home, apartment, hotel or office building.

Much as they are a nuisance, it is possible to eradicate bed bugs as long as the right methods are used.


















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