Bed bug infestation is found in the British Houses of Parliament


‘Usually people think Parliament is full of parasites, but this time it is really true’

British Houses of Parliament are full of bed bugs

British Houses of Parliament are infested with bed bugs

The Houses of Parliament is said to be filled with bed bugs. This fact leads to a further debate about the fate of the deteriorating buildings.

Parliamentary authorities told that a pest control team was taking “urgent action” after the bugs were noticed in Westminster, according to the Times.

They said that more checks in the estate were being done and that the infestation would spark the long debate about the Palace’s future.

According to the source, staff who thought they’d been bitten were recommended to refer to the NHS website.

There was a comment on parliament’s intranet system which said that the infestation did not appear on the parliamentary estate and clearly went from outside.

Bed bugs are not harmful and do not spread illnesses. But their bites can result in itchy red spots on the skin.

Tim Farron, the ex-Liberal Democrat leader, is sure the infestation reminded about the essential need for renovation of the building.

He stated that normally people thinks Parliament is filled with pests, but now it is really true.

The ex-Lib Dem supposes this shows that the estate has to be renovated; or the infestation will grow larger and larger.

A decision on whether MPs should leave Westminster for an ultra-expensive restoration could be made this fall.


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