Home remedy to get rid of bed bugs. All about it!

home remedy to get rid of bed bugs quickly

What if I tell you that there is a home remedy to get rid of bed bugs? Bed bugs are small pests that are hard to control. They can invade your whole house, but it doesn’t have to be like this. Imagine using a home remedy to get rid of bed bugs. How cost effective, fast and simple it is.

Home remedy to get rid of bed bugs permanently

Bed bugs can be a nightmare in the home as they are very difficult to get rid of.  They make their way into the tiniest spaces making it impossible for treatment to get directly onto them. But there are home remedies to get rid of bed bugs. I am going to show you how to get rid of bed bugs on your own permanently. Believe it or not!

What are home remedies to get rid of bed bugs?

Have you ever wished to get rid of bed rid of bed bugs without paying hundreds of dollars to buy pesticides? All you need is to do first is check out and find all infested areas, in bedrooms and furniture. Home remedies are made with ingredients available at home.

Here is the deal,

These home remedies are not far away. It gets better when you know what home ingredients you can use to eliminate bed bugs from your home.

What do you need to know when using a home remedy to get rid of bed bugs?

The bottom line is you do not want to endanger your family using foggers nor do you have a budget for expensive fumigation. And moreover, bed bugs become resistant to chemical pesticides over time, so it is important to pursue alternatives that are nonpoisonous. You will have to use some home remedy to get rid of bed bugs.

To achieve the best results of using home remedies, you need to know that

  • Clothes need to be washed when they contact infested area
  • The house needs to be examined regularly to check effect of remedy or new infestations
  • Careful use of insecticides and home remedies can also help eradicate bed bugs
  • Clutter MUST be removed from the house
  • You can seek professional bed bug service if you have failed to get rid of bed bugs on your own
  • Second-hand furniture is prone to bed bug infestation

Types of the home remedies to get rid of bed bugs and ways to use them

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is a home remedy to get rid of bed bugs

Diatomaceous Earth under the microscope

Did you know that people call it bed bug powder?

This powder is chemical free.

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is a natural and safe white powder, home remedy for bed bugs. It is made from fossil remains of tiny aquatic organisms. It contains properties that absorb the fat and oils from insects. It destroys the outer protective membrane of the bed bugs. It punctures insects’ exoskeletons and dehydrates them by absorbing their internal fluids.

Always remember that,

  • Sprinkling the cracks and crevices gives the best results
  • All areas in the home must be dusted with the bed bug powder
  • DE powder is so fine and easily fits into the tight spaces
  • It is estimated that within 40 days, 80% of all bed bugs will be killed.
  • Repeat the process every 3 days for 2 weeks to completely eradicate bed bugs


One handy home remedy for bed bugs is vacuuming.

A vacuum cleaner is a standard household item. It can suck up bed bugs and their eggs effectively. Vacuuming removes all bed bugs on the floor and other discrete areas. It has to be done thoroughly to make sure that no insect escapes.

Be sure to vacuum everywhere bed bugs hide, chairs and other soft furnishings, all carpets, box springs, and mattresses as well as mattress encasements, and even curtains.

Vacuum all rooms thoroughly, at least once a week, leaving no stone left unturned.

Change and dispose of the vacuum bag, outside, after you finish vacuuming the area.

Steam Treatment

Bed bugs cannot survive high temperature.

Steaming is a bug’s treatment home remedy that uses high heat without damaging the environment. Bed bugs are killed when exposed to temperatures above 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60°C).  Steam treatment penetrates deep into the fabric and all incredible places as small cracks and corners. The high heat destroys bed bugs and prevents their eggs from surviving.


Steaming should be avoided near electric outlets.

Dry steam is better as wet steam may destroy fabrics or soft furnishings.

Repeat the steaming until all the bed bugs are completely gone.

Cold treatment

Bed bugs can’t withstand cold temperature either.

So if you put all infested items in a freezer for four days at 0oF you can eradicate bed bugs.


Any high-temperature environment kills bed bugs.

They die at temperatures above 113˚F. Other heating methods can include using a heat gun, raising indoor temperature, using hot water, carefully ironing your bed sheets and using a portable heating device.

Washing clothes under high heat of over 60°C is another natural way to get rid of bed bugs. It is the fastest and natural way to kill off bed bugs on clothes.

Baking soda kills bed bugs

Baking soda is a home remedy to get rid of bed bugs that dehydrate them. Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) has antimicrobial properties that can absorb moisture from the body of bed bugs. Baking soda is safe for your pets and children also.


  • It must be applied around the crevices and cracks throughout the affected rooms in the home
  • You can use a paintbrush to apply the layers of the baking soda
  • After some days or a week, vacuum the soda thoroughly
  • The application process needs to be repeated several times to get rid of the infestation completely

Is salt a home remedy for bed bugs?

Some people still believe that salt can eliminate bed bugs since it has been used for decades to kill pests, slugs, and snails by absorbing fluids from their bodies and causing them to dehydrate.

Bugs treatment with home remedy boric acid!

Another one,

Boric acid is a natural pesticide that kills roaches and eliminates. It has to be ingested by bed bugs to kill them.


Vitamin B1 is a mosquito repellent and could repel bed bugs too.

Wintergreen alcohol

Wintergreen alcohol burns bed bugs instantly when they come in contact. It is not expensive and easily accessible. Use a spray bottle for effective treatment.

Herbal home treatment to get rid of bed bugs

  1. Sweet flag

The sweet flag herb, also known as calamus is a natural treatment for bed bug. It has anti-microbial and aromatic properties. When you purchase it, prepare the solution on the instructions and spray it in infested rooms.

  1. Bean leaves

Bean leaves are a natural bed bug treatment that traps and kills bed bugs through the microscopic hooked hairs, trichomes, present on the leaf surface. Take the leaves and spread them on infested rooms and the trichomes will pierce the bed bugs feet and kill them.

  1. Indian lilac leaves

Indian lilac leaves are an effective home treatment for bed bugs. A handful of crushed Indian lilac leaves spread on the infested eradicate bed bugs. This is due to the anti-microbial properties of the leaf.

  1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is antibiotic, antifungal, antiseptic, expectorant and antiviral. It suppresses the growth of bed bugs. You can clean your house using it is and put drops on infested areas. Alternatively, you can prepare a solution of lukewarm water and tea tree oil and spray it on the walls, furniture, carpets, linens, beds, and clothes.

  1. Thyme

Thyme has anti-microbial properties that repel and kill bed bugs permanently. Burning it near infested places repels bed bugs. Fresh thyme leaves can be tied in net bags and placed in infested places. These bags must be changed every third day.

  1. Essential Oils

Essential oils are lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus oil. Lavender oil particularly destroys the eggs and larvae of bed bugs. They block and choke bed bugs when sprayed on the infested places. Do not forget to add water to the solution that you will spray.

  1. Mint Leaves

Mint leaves block the entry of bed bugs into your home. Spread crushed mint leaves and place dried mint leaves throughout your home.

  1. Black Walnut Tea

Black Walnut Tea has antifungal, antibacterial, insecticidal and repellent properties that attract bed bugs from their hiding areas and destroy them. At home treatment for bed bugs would require that place or sprinkle the tea bags on the infested areas. It works like an insecticide.

  1. Beauveria bassiana

Beauveria bassiana is a fungus natural insecticide. It disables bed bugs because of its lethal effects that affect fecundity, mobility and feeding of pesticides.

  1. Lemongrass

Beb bugs cannot bear the odour of lemongrass. Lemongrass also increases the acidic condition inside bed bugs, therefore, killing the bed bugs.

  1. Clove

Clove is also acidic and has a pungent smell that destroys bed bugs easily. Expose everything in the home to clove oil to get rid of bed bugs.

  1. Pyrethrum

Pyrethrum is a combination of coccineum and Chrysanthemum. It is a natural home treatment to get rid of bed bugs because the Chrysanthemum contains natural insecticide. It is toxic and attacks the nervous system of the bed bugs, destroying them.

  1. Cayenne Pepper, Ginger, and Oregano

Prepare a spray that contains cayenne pepper, ginger, and oregano. The spray comes out spicy, and the strong smell of oregano offends bed bugs and kills them.


Always locate the infestation for herbal home treatment to get rid of bed bugs to work. Always check on

  • seams of mattresses
  • other soft furnishings in your home

Other natural solutions for bed bugs

Double Sided Tape Works

Because bed bugs sneak onto the bottom of the beds, attaching double sided tape can trap the bed bugs.  They will get stuck on the tape and die.

Hair Dryer

Set a hair dryer and turn it on, towards mattress seam or infested area for over an hour to kill bed bugs. This works because bed bugs cannot survive in high temperatures.

Sealing Cracks

Seal all cracks in the home as they are possible hiding places for bed bugs. These creatures are tiny and can fit in the smallest openings. 

Note that…

  • After sealing cracks treatment is still required to completely get rid of bed bugs.

Mattress Encasement

Mattress covers are specifically designed to shutter bed bugs and dust mites away. Make sure that you prevent bed bugs by covering your bed with a mattress protector.

Clean Your Bedding

Washing your bedding regularly in hot water eradicates bed bugs. They may not have been detected, and their eggs will also be destroyed in hot water.

Travel Check

Always check your belongings when traveling. Check after visitors at your home. Bed bugs may have been transported in their clothes.

Stiff Brush Use for Bed Bug Solution

Using a stiff brush on the seam of the mattress or other furniture can eliminate bed bugs and remove their eggs.

The best natural bed bug solutions

Because most bed bugs enter the house undetected the best natural solutions for bed bugs is to prevent them. Prevent them by

  • Avoiding to stay in cheap hotels and or buying second-hand furniture
  • Inspecting your belongings before and after leaving any residence
  • Making sure that you seal all your luggage when traveling
  • Place your luggage in places that are not likely to have bed bugs like tables, not on someone’s bed or couch
  • Inspect your environment always. Remember their sign of black droppings, shells or eggs
  • Be smart. Wash your bedroom belongings regularly
  • Making sure there is no hiding place for bed bugs. Remove all clutter


Always inspect your home for the sooner you realize there are bed bugs, the easier it is to use home remedies. Do not throw away infested belongings for they are more expensive to replace than using home remedies to get rid of bed bugs. You can isolate infested belonging to reduce spreading of bed bugs while treating them with home remedies. Treat every place in the home bearing in mind that bed bugs hide in the tiniest places. Seek professional help if needed.




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