Little baby boy was bitten by bed bugs at Essex Village


HENRICO COUNTY, Va. – A frustrated mom from Essex Village told Henrico County leaders Thursday night about her bed bug problem. She said they’ve crawled into her house from two nearby apartments. “My child got bites all over him… he’s only four months old,” she said. Then she showed CBS 6 reporter Melissa Hipolit the red welts on his leg and arm.

The section 8 complex has been in sight of a CBS 6 Problem Solvers inspection for months after January when HUD failed the complex in.

Month ago HUD passed the complex when its owners repaired it a bit, but failed the personal apartment units too.

The mother noted that it’s her right to have her home clean and ordered. And, of course, she doesn’t deserve to have bed bugs.

Together with a few dozen fellow Essex Village residents, the woman attended a Town Hall meeting held by the local Henrico Board Member Frank Thornton.

On the meeting Thornton said that everybody has certain rights, and all the people have to be treated with respect.

Thornton and other county leaders, such as County Manager John Vithoulkas, listened when some of the residents took the microphone and spoke about the actual issues at the Section 8 apartment complex.

One old lady told that she tries to keep her home clean, but her rug is awful. She expected them to come and replace it and they haven’t.

Another woman said: “You can repair my kitchen, and in case my kitchen floods the neighbor below what will happen? If I’m downstairs, it will mess up all over again so what should we do? Just don’t care about it?”

Thornton said that the local authorities are doing all they can to solve the problems, but now the residents have to get together and defend themselves.

“We should organize a bit. If you’re well-organized, everybody respects you and they have to count with you,” Thornton said.

Thornton also said that the people should be be careful about rumors.

He noted that some residents phoned him afraid that Henrico County planned to destroy the complex and force the people to move, and he said that is completely false.


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