Does bed bug powder work? All about powders and sprays

Bedbug powder work good

Because of their small bodies, bed bugs can be a nightmare to get rid of! You may spray one part of the house – only for them to make themselves comfortable in the other part! If you have a bed bug problem – depending on how serious it may be – you may need to use more than one method to get rid of them. Bed bug powder is one of the most effective remedies to get rid of bed bugs.  This is because this method can get rid of the bugs on contact and the beauty of it is that if left in a given dry area then it will continue working weeks down the road.

Bed bug powder or spray?

With the right bed bug powder, your bed bug problem can become a thing of the past! One of the most common powders used is Diatomaceous Earth or ‘DE’ in short. DE for bed bugs works in such a way that when it comes in contact with the bed bug, it will dehydrate the creature thus killing it. Diatomaceous Earth may be slow working, but it is one of the most effective remedies for getting rid of bed bugs. As long as the powder stays dry, it will work wonders in killing the troublesome creatures!

If you take a look at some bed bug powders, you will notice that Diatomaceous Earth is one of the most common ingredients. This natural ingredient comes from the fossilized remains of a diatoms-tiny aquatic organism. This makes it a natural remedy to fight bed bugs.

Given the different remedies on the market, you may wonder what kills bed bugs fast! Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to this question; one method may effectively get rid of the bed bugs in one home and fail to do so in another. One of the reasons for this is the strain of bed bugs present in a given home. There are resilient strains that can withstand different methods meant to kill them. This is why you may need to make use of various methods to curb the problem. There may be instances when your chosen methods may not work, and you may have to seek help from a professional.

So which one should you use? Spray or powder?

Some people swear by bed bug powder such as diatomaceous earth while others strongly recommend using a spray. There are those however who would rather employ natural remedies to kill the bed bugs. The choice depends on you and the strain of bed bugs that happen to reside in your home or premise.

Bed bug sprays are impressive since they kill bed bugs on contact. This means that you don’t have to wait for hours, days or weeks to see the result of the treatment. The downside of sprays is that once the spray wears off, bed bugs that are in hiding will come out and play.

With powder for bed bugs, on the other hand, you might be forgiven for thinking it doesn’t work. The reason behind this is that it is relatively slow in working but very effective in the long run.

How to use bedbug powder

It is relatively simple to use bed bug powder Walmart. All you have to do is sprinkle a generous amount in hidden places around the house where you think bed bugs may be hiding. You can also sprinkle the powder in visible areas and watch the bed bugs get dehydrated to death. Ideally, it is best to remove any movable furniture so that you can sprinkle the powder in as many cracks and crevices as possible.

Most common places where bed bugs may go into hiding include floorboards, baseboards as well as some cracks and crevices around a given room. Unlike sprays which may not remain in place long enough to kill as many bed bugs as possible. Bed bug powder does have a lasting presence in a given area as long as it remains dry.

Applying powder is relatively easy, especially if you find one that comes with a built in applicator such as the JT Eaton bed bug powder. All you will have to do is to point the applicator to a given area and unleash the powder!

Bed bug powder and pets: How safe is it?

If you have pets in a bed bug infested area, then chances are high that bed bugs find their home in your pet’s fur. This is because bed bugs feed on blood be it from animals or humans. Ideally, you want to find a method that will effectively get rid of the bed bugs and also no cause harm to your pet.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about bed bugs making the permanent home on your pet’s body as fleas, lice, ticks or mites do. However, you have to be concerned that when they do get a chance, they will hop onto your pet and suck blood.

If you are concerned that your pet is also affected by bed bugs, then you should wash its bedding with boiling water. If that is not possible, then you should throw the bedding in a dryer and set the heat to medium or high for about 30 minutes. Failing the two options then you should consider buying a product that is labeled safe for use on pets.

Bed bug killer powder: Which one works best?

There are some bed bug powders in the market, which makes finding the right one for your premise a nightmare. Not every bed bug powder in Walmart will rid you of your problem. However, those that contain Diatomaceous Earth have a stamp of approval from some consumers. The JT Eaton bed bug powder is just one example. The Oa2ki aerosol pesticide free bed bug powder is just another one.

If you wish to go natural, then you can find a natural bed bug killer powder to help solve the bed bug problem. If you are searching for the most effective bed bug powder killer, then you should opt for one that contains Diatomaceous Earth. This is because Diatomaceous Earth is very deadly when it comes in contact with the bed bug’s skin. It will work its way past its waxy outer layer, dehydrate and ultimately kill the creature.

Does powder kill bed bugs?

Yes, the right power can kill bed bugs. One example of such a powder is the JT Eaton which has an active ingredient-diatomaceous earth.  Most powders are effective in getting rid of bed bugs simply because when they get in contact with the bed bug, it will become dehydrated hence die.

Does alcohol and baby powder kill bed bugs?

Quite some people speculate on different ways to get rid of bed bugs. One of them is baby powder. The reason behind this speculation is that baby powder does contain talcum powder that can be poisonous when consumed. Unfortunately, bed bugs are not affected by the inhalation. Neither are they affected when it comes in contact with their skin. As such, when looking for ways to get rid of bed bugs, baby powder should be down your list, if not off your list!

Does powder bleach kill bed bugs?

Considering that bleach is a harsh chemical, you may wonder whether or not it can help get rid of bed bugs. The simple answer is yes, it can. However, considering that bed bugs can hide in hard to reach places, you may not get them all using this method. Powder bleach can also kill bed bugs eggs, but the trick is to get in contact with them. Care must be taken when handling the bleach itself and also when applying it to given areas. You have to bear in mind the consequences of applying it in areas where pets and children can come into contact as it can be deadly.

Much as this method can be effective in killing bed bugs, it can also be harmful to your health and your belongings. When used in the wrong setting for example on your clothes in the wardrobe then you might need to buy a whole new wardrobe!

Does flea and tick powder kill bed bugs?

Much as some people may swear to having killed bed bugs using flea and tick powder, it is highly recommended that you only use the powder that is clearly labeled for use against bed bugs.  Care must be taken when selecting a given product if your health and that of your family and pets are to be protected. If you are not sure then it is best to seek help from a professional.

Powder for bed and mattress

Boric acid powder for bed

Boric acid is made from water and a chemical known as boron. It is used in some household, health and even medical applications. But is it effective in killing bed bugs? When it comes to pest control, boric acid is one of the common ingredients in some common insecticides. In fact, it is very effective in getting rid of ants and cockroaches.

Generally speaking, boric acid will kill bed bugs only if it comes in contact with them. As such, you must exercise extreme precaution when using this method. It is not recommended to use boric acid on your pets or their beddings. Neither is it recommended for you to sprinkle this powder on your mattress.  This is due to concerns of the powder when it comes in contact with human skin or that of pets.

Bed bug powder for mattress

When searching for bed bug powder for a mattress, the most effective yet relatively safe option for humans is one with the active ingredient of Diatomaceous Earth. Avoid using harsh chemicals such as boric acid on your mattress. They can have a negative effect on your health.

Bed bug carpet powder

When it comes to your carpet, then you should consider prepping before applying a given powder. This means cleaning and vacuuming the carpet to help give the powder a fighting chance against the bed bugs.

Once you are done with vacuuming and cleaning them sprinkle a generous amount of Diatomaceous Earth all over your carpet.  In some instances, you may have to repeat vacuuming and sprinkling the powder before you can be comfortable enough that the bed bugs are gone.

How to use bed bug powder

It is fairly simple to use bed bug powder. All you have to do is to identify the infested areas, remove any furniture or items that may limit the powder movement and proceed to sprinkle the powder.

The Harris Diatomaceous Earth bed bug powder, for example, is used as a crack and crevice application to conveniently tackle bed bugs that are in hiding.

JT Eaton bed bug powder

JT Eaton bed bug powder

JT Eaton bed bug killing powder

Since 1932, JT Eaton, a family owned business has been in the production of high-quality products. It is no wonder that when it comes to bed bug powder, JT Eaton is one of the household names. This powder not only kills bed bugs but is also an effective remedy for other crawling insects such as cockroaches, ants, fleas, and ticks.

Where can I get bed bug powder?

Bed bug powder can be found in some online stores such as Walmart, Homedepot, and Amazon. It can also be found in brick and mortar stores that carry pesticides and insecticides. Active ingredients you should look out for that are effective in killing bed bugs include; diatomaceous earth, Nylar or s-Hydroprene Pyriproxyfen as well as Neem oil Phenylethyl propionate.




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