Do you have bed bug infestation? The main signs


Bed bugs are the second most typical reason people book pest control. A new study by ServiceMarket, the largest marketplace for domestic services in UAE, said that most pest control requests on their website were against cockroaches, followed by bed bugs. But lots of people don’t know how to notice a bed bug infestation or what they have to do if they think they have a bed bug problem.

How to tell whether you have bed bug infestation

If you don’t know whether you have a bed bugs, you may contact local pest control firms so that they will check your home and use professional equipment to surely tell are there bed bugs or not. Below, there are signs of what you should watch out for:

  • Bite marks: Bed bugs like to hide and come out mainly at nighttime, when people are sleeping, so often we see bite marks before noticing a bug itself. They’re able to easily find their “prey” by sensing the heat of our bodies and the carbon dioxide we breathe out. Their bites lead to itching red bumps, oftentimes in a straight or zigzag line. We don’t feel their bites because bed bug saliva has a painkiller in it.
  • Spots on your bed sheet: Rusty bloody spots on your bed sheets can often be the first visible sign of a bed bug infestation. Bug poop looks like dark stains. Also, spots and smears caan appear when you squish bed bugs in your sleep.
  • Check under your mattress: The most reliable method to understand are bed bugs in your home or not is to see a bed bug. Search for them in the piping and seams of your couches and mattresses, between pillows, and in bed cracks. You can also discover their eggs, which are light yellow and approximately 1mm in diameter.
  • Musty smell: People who have bed bug infestations often feel a musty smell in their room, resembling a smell of spoiled raspberries. If you sense it in addition to at least one of the signs descripted above, then you need to take measures to get rid of the bed bugs.

How to eliminate the bed bug infestation

Prevention is much better than cure

Many of us start thinking about bed bugs only when already suffering from the infestation. Because bed bugs are stubborn and can remain alive with no food for longer than a year, you should better take preventive steps instead of attempting to get rid of them when they infest your home. Some proven and reliable methods to prevent bed bug infestations are:

  • Keep your home clean and clutterless
  • Check your room often and watch out for infestation signs
  • Seal every crack and crevice in your walls and furniture
  • Be careful during your travels because bed bugs can easily be transported
  • Never buy a second-hand mattress, and in case you do so try to ensure you have a reliable mattress cover

Heat can help you

One of the simplest methods to get rid of bed bugs and their eggs is to use high temperatures. Laying your mattress in the direct sunlight can help. But it doesn’t give 100% guarantee because some bugs can survive exposure to temperatures lower than 50 degrees celsius. Steam cleaning is much hotter than this and that’s why it’s a quite popular way to eliminate bed bug infestations.

Book a pest elimination service

Do you suppose that there are bed bugs in your home and want an efficient solution with no hassle? Then you should book an expert pest elimination service in your town. Not only will they easily identify and “cure” the infested places, but they also will probably explain you how to prevent further infestations.

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