Bed bugs remove. How to do it the right way?

bed bugs remove from home

Much as bed bugs can hide in tiny hard-to-reach places around your home in addition to being able to reproduce in large numbers, it is possible to do the bed bugs remove at your home. Bed bugs can be a nightmare when they make themselves at home! Luckily, there are some ways to get rid of them. You can make use of natural methods, or you can utilize chemicals. The method you should use typically depends on the level of infestation you are faced with.

The natural methods for bed bugs remove at home

There are some natural methods you can use for bed bugs remove. You can wash your clothes and other washable items in boiling water to get rid of the bed bugs. This method has been used for centuries with many people rejoicing over its success. The reason for success is the fact that bed bugs simply can’t stand hot temperatures above 117°F.

Let’s have a look at how to deal with bed bugs naturally:

  • Still on temperatures, you can make use of low temperatures of 0°F and below to kill bed bugs. Much as bed bugs can die under such temperatures, however, it may take time and patience for this to happen. This is because bed bugs can comfortably survive such low temperatures for a while and go without food as well. With persistence, however, they do die. For example, you may have to wait at least three days to be assured of their death-sometimes longer, depending on the strain of bed bug.
  • Thoroughly vacuum a given room, inclusive of any cracks and crevices on the walls and furniture. Follow this by steaming the room to help get rid of bed bugs.
  • Make use of diatomaceous earth-a natural, yet effective way to kill bed bugs.
  • Make use of homemade bed bug spray with the help of essential oils such as tea tree oil and peppermint oil to deter bed bug movement. This may be a temporary solution though since when the oil wears out-there is nothing to keep the bed bugs from gaining access to your home.

The artificial methods

There are some artificial ways to get rid of bed bugs. Some of them include:

  • Chemical classes such as pyrethrins, pyrethroids, desiccants, neonicotinoids, and pyrroles can help get rid of bed bugs.
  • Pesticides that are specifically described to kill bed bugs.

What’s the best way to remove bed bugs?

The time tested the way to remove bed bugs is the hot water or steam way. This method has been used since time immemorial and works wonders in killing bed bugs. All you have to do is collect the clothes that are infested and introduce steam or hot water to them.

If steaming or hot water doesn’t help kill the bed bugs, then you might wish to make use of chemicals. Care must be taken when using chemicals around your home. If you are not sure of what you are doing, then it’s best to seek help from a professional.

How to remove bed bugs from home

Bed bugs can crawl through tiny spaces. If there is an infestation, you will find these creatures all over your home-most especially in rooms that normally have pets or people. This is because they need blood from humans or animals to survive.

Let’s have a look at how you can implement bed bugs eradication from your home:

How to remove bed bugs from a mattress

Bed bugs remove from a mattress

How to remove bed bugs from a mattress?

Nobody in their right mind would comfortably sleep on a bed that they know is infested with bed bugs! That being said, instead of throwing away your mattress, you can try out the different ways to remove the annoying creatures from it. Since bugs hate heat, you can make use of steam to wipe them off your mattress!

Before introducing steam to your mattress, however, you need to ensure that the mattress itself will not get spoilt during the steaming process. You can do this by steaming a part of the mattress and observing the result. When you are sure that your mattress can be steamed then you need to, first of all, make use of a vacuum to wipe away as many bed bugs as possible. When done with vacuuming then you can introduce steam.

In case you have tried vacuuming or steaming with very little or no change then you can consider using chemicals. There are numerous pesticides on the market that are specifically meant for use at getting rid of bed bugs. You simply have to search and find them.

How to remove bed bugs from clothes

When it comes to clothes, you can easily do the bed bugs remove as long as you can introduce high temperatures to the cloth without causing damage. You can simply throw the clothes in a dryer and set the heat to medium-high, or you can steam your clothes. You can also soak them in boiling water for about 30 minutes to kill the bed bugs.

How to remove bed bugs from books

Bed bugs remove from books

Books with bed bugs traces

When it comes to bed bugs in books, you have to introduce diatomaceous earth powder to the books to kill the bed bugs. You may also use other powders specifically designed to kill bed bugs. In the case of hard-to-remove bed bug eggs, you can use a firm object such as a credit card to scrap off the eggs.

In case you are not using the books for a long period then you can seal them to starve and ultimately kill the bed bugs. When it comes to pesticides, you can make use of vapor type pesticide applications to avoid damaging your books. There are heat chambers that when carefully monitored can also get rid of bed bugs from books. Freezing is another option you can use, as long as you use a chest freezer, not the ordinary ‘home freezer.’

How to remove bed bugs from furniture

When it comes to furniture, you can get rid of bed bugs by vacuuming every available space on the furniture. Depending on how fine the furniture is, you can then introduce steam. In case you are unable to introduce steam then you can introduce diatomaceous earth powder in all corners of the furniture.

In case of removable cushions, you can make use of a dryer set on high. You may also caulk any cracks or crevices around the furniture as long as you don’t end up making the furniture ugly!

If you notice bed bugs on your sofa, then you can thoroughly vacuum it. You can then use a steamer to get rid of more bed bugs before sprinkling diatomaceous earth powder. Also, there are vapor type pesticides available that you may also use on your sofa minus causing damage.

How to remove bed bugs from your car

Yes, bed bugs can also be found in the car-after all, humans or pets tend to sit in them for long and bed bugs love blood! If you have bed bugs in your car then you can thoroughly vacuum it. Remove carpets and seat covers from the car and place them in a dryer for at least an hour. To further give you peace of mind, you can also introduce pesticides specifically designed to get rid of bed bugs in your car.

How to remove bed bugs from your skin

 Since bed bugs love blood, it is no wonder that they may wish to make themselves comfortable on your body. There are some ways you can get rid of them. You can bath with hot water and soap and follow this up with bed bug treatments intended for the skin.

How to remove bed bugs from bed

If you have a bed bug infestation in your home, then you should know that they are never far from your bed. These pesky creatures will lay in wait for that time when you lie down so that they can pounce and suck blood! When it comes to bed bugs on your bed, you need to remove all the beddings and soak them in boiling water or throw them in the dryer for at least an hour. You should then remove the mattress and inspect the bed. Vacuum away as many bed bugs as possible before introducing steam to the bed. You can also spray pesticides to your bed-as long as it is approved for use on the bed.

How to remove bed bugs from hair

If you notice bed bugs in your hair, you should thoroughly comb and wash it. Be sure to comb and wash your hair as frequently as possible to limit the possibilities of bed bugs making their home in your hair! In addition to using regular shampoo, you can also use rubbing alcohol to get further rid of bed bugs in your hair.

In the night time, you can apply mineral oil or olive oil to your hair and cover it for the night with a shower cap. This will help suffocate and kill bed bugs in your hair. If you can stand the sauna, then you can also think about visiting it to introduce steam to your body thereby killing the bed bugs.

If bed bugs eradication from your hair seems impossible, then you might want to look into trimming off your hair.

How to remove bed bug bites

Although most bed bug bites do go away on their own within a week or two, it can be a nightmare to look at them and move around with them! Typically, bed bug bites form a rash on your body, which rash can become itching and irritating. Although bed bugs don’t transmit diseases, the extreme itchy sensations the bites may cause may be uncomfortable for many.

Not to be confused with bites from other pests such as lice, fleas or mosquitoes, bed bug bites are normally tiny or raised skin bumps that appear in a row or clustered pattern. The reason for the row or cluster is because bed bugs tend to feed on the same location more than once. The rashes or bites are generally found on the legs, arms, face, neck or back. In other words, parts of the body that may be exposed as you sleep.

Unfortunately, it may be impossible to get rid of the swelling or redness that comes with bed bug bites in a fast manner, but it is possible to at least reduce the discomfort that comes with itching. You can use natural methods or chemicals to help with the problem.


When it comes to medications, you can use things such as Cortaid; creams that contain Dephendrydramine & Pramoxine; creams or lotions that contain Benzyl Alcohol; Calamine lotion or you can use Alka-Seltzer.

As for natural remedies, you can introduce an ice pack to the affected area. Be sure to enclose the ice pack in a cloth before introducing it to the skin. It is not advisable to apply ice directly onto your skin! You can make a paste of baking soda and apply it on the affected area. If you don’t have baking soda, then you can squeeze lemon juice and apply a small amount with the help of a cotton ball to the area. Other natural remedies include Apple Cider vinegar, cucumber, banana peel, toothpaste, onion, cinnamon, and honey paste as well as mud.


Bed bugs may be a nightmare when found in your home or body, but they can be removed as long as the right methods are used. In some instances, you may have to use more than one method to get rid of them entirely.




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