Bed bugs in your hotel room. How to notice them?


There’s one souvenir you don’t wish to bring home from your travel. It’s bed bugs.

Finding bed bugs in a hotel room

Bed bugs in a hotel room

Hotel rooms can be full of bed bugs. Fortunately, according to, pest control professionals have made a how-to manual for checking your hotel room for these nasty insects. Remember that bed bugs are not choosy about which bed they will live in. They can appear both in cheap motels and in five-star luxurious resorts. Before you open your bag or take a cleaning wipe to the hairdryer and phone, it can be worth a short look for signs of bed bug infestation after reading this useful guide.

Firstly, never put your suitcase on the floor until you get sure there’s no bed bugs in the room. Think of keeping it in the bath tub or on a lifted luggage rack. After this, begin investigating. As you may have already guessed, bed bugs actually like to live in beds; especially in the mattress seams and under the mattress. That’s why experts advise to start hunting bed bugs by peeling off the blankets and bottom sheet on the bed and looking carefully at the mattress. Some professionals recommend using a credit card to actually get into and under the mattress folds. Mature bugs, nymphs, and eggs all can be seen by the naked eye and their empty husks are visible too. Do you see little reddish-brown pests, tiny pin-sized dark spots, or maybe tell-tale blood stains from their previous host?

The majority of us would stop here; but if you’re too skittish, investigate the seams on any upholstered furniture in your hotel room and even the curtains. But your search shouldn’t include only fabric. Business Insider advises making use of a flashlight or your telephone’s light to seek bugs behind the headboard or bed joints. See if anything is hiding in the darkness and running away from the light.

So, do you suppose there are bugs in your room? If you do, advises telling the hotel staff about it at once and asking to give you another room.

The great news is that although bed bugs are annoying and can deprive you of a good sleep, they are unlikely to spread any diseases. In case you really find yourself with those irritating hitchhikers, Consumer Reports recommend getting rid of them by putting your travel clothes in a hot dryer for half an hour.


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