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Looking for effective bed bug treatments? Well then, you won’t need anything other than this post. Here are discussed several bed bug treatments, both do-it-yourself types and professionals ones. Pick a treatment method that best suits your needs. Along with bed bug treatments available in the market, there are several treatments that you can prepare on your own. If you are wondering “What can I use to kill bed bugs?”, you might be surprised to know that lavender essential oil is an effective bed bug killing, such as cedar oil. Other natural treatments for bed bugs include mint leaves, thyme, black walnut tea, tea tree oil, and lemon grass. However, home-made remedies are often not as effective as do-it-yourself bug-killing products. That’s why this post focuses on the latter. Let’s look at some effective treatments for bed bugs.

Top 3 bed bug treatments

Users looking for effective do-it-yourself pest management options often ask this question: What are the best ways of getting rid of bed bugs yourself?

As you would know, hiring a professional to make your home “bed bug-free” is expensive. Moreover, when several efficient bug-killing products are readily available, it doesn’t make much sense to spend hundreds of dollars, if not more, on professional bed bug killing services.

As much as possible, you should try to manage the bed bug infestation problem on your own, using do-it-yourself bug-killing products.

Let’s take a look at 5 most effective bed bug killing products.

Bed Bug Spray

Bed bug treatments - spray for bed bugs

Spray for bed bugs

Want to know the easiest way to kill bed bugs?

The answer is bed bug spray. Ranked as one of the top do-it-yourself bed bug remedies, bug spray is available in many different varieties.

Some bed bug sprays are alcohol-based, and some are Pyrethroid or insecticide-based. However, not all bed bug sprays are chemical-based. Eco-friendly bed bug sprays are also available. If you want to use an all-natural solution, opt for an organic bed bug spray.

Bed bug sprays don’t have high toxicity and hence are safer around children and pets. This is the first big advantage bed bug sprays have over other chemical-based bed bug killing solutions. However, the drawback is that bed bug sprays work only through direct contact with bugs.

While alcohol based bed bug sprays are usually much safer than other products, you might want to be extra careful with a because they are inflammable. Remove all heating coils, electric goods, etc. before using an alcohol based spray.

In comparison to alcohol-based or organic bed bug sprays, Pyrethroid-based products have a better efficacy, but the downside is that they have higher toxicity and so are less eco-friendly. When using a Pyrethroid-based spray, ensure kids and pets are not around.

Bed bug sprays can also be divided into aerosol sprays and liquid sprays. Aerosol sprays are usually more efficient than liquid sprays—and the reason is not hard to understand.

Unlike liquid sprays, aerosol sprays do not work only through direct contact. In their case, there’s a residual action which keeps them stay active for some time after spraying, usually for not more than a few days. That’s the reason why the aerosol spray is a better bed bugs’ spray for mattresses compared to the liquid spray.

Bed Bug Powders

Bed bug treatments - bed bug powder

Bed bug powder treatment

While the action of bed bug sprays is insecticidal, the work of bug powders is mechanical. And that’s the reason they are considered more efficient than bug sprays and many other bed bug killing products. Because of the mechanical action, there’s a lower chance of bed bugs becoming resistant to bug powders.

Besides mechanical action, bug powders also have two significant benefits over bed bug sprays. Most bug sprays are “contact killers.” That means that they work through contact only, and have no residual action.

This is not the case with bug powders, whose residual effect last for several weeks. This strong and lasting residual effect, make these powders a potent bed bug killing solution.

The other advantage of using these powders is that they don’t only kill bed bugs but also other pests like fleas, cockroaches, ants, etc. And lastly, bed bug powders are usually considered safe for children and pets.

In short, bed bug powders offer a smart, efficient way to kill bed bugs.

Bed bugs interceptors

Bed bug treatments - bed bugs interceptor

Bed bugs interceptor treatment

An easy-to-use home remedy for bed bugs, bugs inceptors are usually more effective during the early period of infestation.

Bug inceptors are specially-designed plastic cups which are free of pesticide and have a coating of non-toxic talcum powders to ensure that bed bugs, once they’ve fallen into it, are unable to crawl out. This way bed bugs can be effectively trapped.

Place bugs inceptors around your furniture and bed to capture and eradicate bed bugs living in crevices and cracks near them.

As the plastic cup doesn’t contain any pesticide and the talcum powder used is non-toxic, bed bug inceptors are considered safe for kids and pets. With that said, you might want your children and pets to stay away from them because otherwise they might dislocate the cups from their position and reduce the effectiveness of the whole process in turn.

How to prepare for bed bug treatment?

Certain steps need to be performed before you start bed bug treatment. Otherwise, your attempt at killing all bed bugs might fail to produce the desired result.

  • The very first thing you must do is remove all linen and bedding. Additionally, take off curtains and remove cloth items that are lying in the room as well as those in the drawers.
  • Throw all of these in a plastic trash bin. Ensure that the trash bag is big enough to accommodate all clothing, bedding, and curtains. Then strongly tie the bag to ensure any bed bugs present inside don’t escape. You must fill the plastic trash big inside the infected room itself; otherwise, you’ll hand over a free escape to bed bugs, and the exercise will lose its efficacy.
  • Throw the bag in the washer and release its contents. Next, throw the plastic bag in the dustbin container placed outside your home.
  • Start the washer and set the heat setting to the maximum.
  • Next use the selected bed bug treatment to remove bed bugs from the infected part of the home. Don’t forget to apply the treatment to corners behind the bed and other places where bed bugs like to hide, such as around the furniture, inside cracks and crevices, etc.
  • After you’re through, vacuum cleans the room and reassemble it.

How long are bed bugs dying after treatment

Many people ask this question: Do bed bugs feed every night?

Well, the answer is no. Usually, bed bugs feed every 5-10 days.  Bug treatments start killing bed bugs instantly. However, not all insects are killed at once. Typically, if you don’t see any bugs after 3-4 weeks after treatment, you can safely assume your home has become “bug-free.”

What to do after bed bug treatment?

After you have made your home “bed bug-free,” it is necessary that you take precautionary measures to ensure it stays that way.

Some key measures in this regard which you would do well to follow include the following:

  • Thoroughly check your hotel room before unpacking

Even when the hotel website declares that rooms are free of bed bug, the first thing you need to upon entering a hotel room is to ensure there are no bugs in it. Check the mattress, corners behind the bed, cupboards, etc. for any sign of infestation.

Don’t unpack your luggage until you’ve done so. Otherwise, you might bring these pesky little creatures home even after you had turned down an infected room. Bed bugs are pretty quick in attaching themselves to clothing, and that’s why you shouldn’t unpack until you’ve made sure the room is bug-free.

  • Wash clothing as soon as you reach home

In case you have a feeling that the room you recently stayed in was infected with bed bugs, as soon as you reach your home, drop your clothing into the washing machine and set it to the highest temperature setting.

Extreme heat is an effective bed bug killer. In fact, it kills not only bed bugs but their eggs, too.

  • Vacuum any second-hand furniture you buy

This goes without saying. Whenever you buy second-hand furniture, first thoroughly vacuum it to get rid of any bed bugs living in it. You can also use a bed bug spray or any other bed-bug killing method.

Heat treatment for bed bugs

Whole room heat treatment is an effective but costly way of killing bed bugs. Research shows bed bugs and their eggs die instantly at 50°C (122°F) or within a one-and-a-half hour at 48°C (118°F).

However, this is something that you can’t do on your own, as the process requires the use of special equipment to raise the temperature of the room and sustain the high temperature for several hours, usually 6-8 hours or even more, depending on the area being treated.

One thing you must keep in mind if you are going for full heat treatment and that is this process has no residual effect. So your home can become infected with bed bugs again if you fail to take the recommended prevention steps mentioned above.

Bed bug chemical treatment

An effective way to kill bed bugs is through chemical treatment. You might want to go for a chemical treatment in case your home is badly infected with bed bugs.

There are several chemicals approved to be used as bed bug treatment, more than 300 in fact. You should sit with your pest control service to see which one will be best for you. As this procedure requires the use of chemicals, some of which might be harmful to humans and pets, there might be certain precautions that you would need to take.

The most common compounds used for treating bed bugs are pyrethrins and pyrethroids. There are many do-it-yourself pyrethrins products available in the market. However, a do-it-yourself bed-bug killing product is not as effective as the ones used by professionals. Therefore, for severe bed bug infestation, it is best to go the professional route.

Bed bug treatment products

Earlier we saw some effective ways to kill bed bugs. Here are three more do-it-yourself bed bug treatments that you might want to consider if bed bugs have infested your home.

Bed bug clothing and luggage encasement

You need such products if you travel frequently. Clothing and luggage encasement will ensure your belongings don’t get infested with bed bugs—and consequently, your home after your return—in case the hotel room has bed bugs.

These products also come in handy when you are conducting bed bug treatment in the house. In fact, you should use these products even when the treatment is being done, not in your home, but a neighboring house.

Clothing and luggage encasement will ensure that bed bugs don’t travel from one room to another in case a part of your home is being treated for bed bugs or enter your house in case a neighbor is running a bed bug treatment in his home.

Bed bug steamers

There’s no better non-toxic method of killing bed bugs than bug steamers. Unlike organic bed bug sprays, these steamers kill not only bed bugs but also their eggs. What’s more, released dry vapors also take care of dust mites.

Bed bug bombs

These bombs contain insecticides and aerosol propellants. They release pyrethrin in the air so that bed bugs could be effectively killed, including those who are hiding in those inaccessible areas of the home.

While bed bug bombs are effective in killing bed bugs, they are not hundred percent safe. The risk of fire hazard increases with the use of aerosols, as they are nearly always inflammable.

Bed bug heat treatment cost

The cost of heat treatment depends on two things: the condition of the area that is being treated and experience and expertise level of the service provider.

If your home is severely infected, you can expect the cost to be higher. Similarly, if you are planning to hire the best pest control service in your area, you might have to pay more.

Before you start the treatment, it is best if you can obtain a free quote from the provider. In fact, this should not be a problem as most top pest control services offer free quotes to their customers.


There are many different types of treatments for bed bugs, each offering certain advantages and disadvantages. When selecting a treatment, take into account the severity of infestation, your budget, and, of course, safety issues.

For mild infestation, you might turn to do-it-yourself products, which are available in plenty. If you have kids or pets or both at home, you might like to pick an organic or non-aerosol product.

If the infestation is severe, opting for a whole room heat treatment or chemical treatment might be in your best interest.

However, one thing is for sure: whether you opt for a do-it-yourself or a professional treatment, it is necessary that you take precautionary steps to ensure bed bugs don’t enter your home again. You can’t afford to miss this step.





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