Bed bug spraying. Should you consider it?

bed bug spraying

Unfortunately, getting rid of bed bugs may not be as easy as one may wish. This is because bed bugs are elusive creatures that tend to hide in hard-to-reach areas around a given room. Much as there are effective methods of getting rid of them, you may need to utilize the given method a few times just to be sure that the bedbugs are a thing of the past. Also, you may need to make use of more than one method to get rid of all the bed bugs.  Bed bug spraying is one of the methods to consider when trying to get rid of the pesky creatures.

Bed bug spraying vs. powder

Bed bug spraying

A guy doing bed bug spraying

You would think that since spray does travel fast and is most likely to reach quite some hard-to-reach places like cracks and crevices that it is an effective remedy for getting rid of bedbugs. Unfortunately, there is no definite yes to the effectiveness of using a spray to kill bed bugs. This is because the composition in one spray may work to effectively get rid of most if not all the bed bugs while the composition in another may be slow-acting but just as effective in getting rid of bedbugs. As such, finding the right bed bug spray will help you get rid of the bedbug infestation. You should also bear in mind that bed bugs in recent years have become resilient to some pesticide sprays.

When searching for ways to get rid of bed bugs, you may come across some sprays and powders that promise to work wonders. At such a point, you will be hit by questions such as; how effective is the spray or powder? Or how risky is using one method over another to my health? When it comes to methods to get rid of bedbugs, sprays and powers do make it to most people’s lists. However, care must be taken in choosing one method over the other.

How do they work?

Before going for one bed bug spraying method over the other, it is important to understand how each may work. When searching for ways to kill bed bugs, you may have come across contact and residual treatment methods.

Contact treatment methods as the name suggests will kill bed bugs on contact. Unfortunately, you may not enjoy as much staying power with this treatment as you would with the extra treatment. Sprays fall in this category. Residual treatment methods, on the other hand, tend to remain productive for days or even weeks after the first application. Bed bug powders fall into this category.

Why consider bed bug spray?

Sprays may be great for killing as many bed bugs as possible in a short amount of time, but they are not very effective in the long run. With sprays, you have to make contact with the bug if you wish to kill it. In other instances, the spray may linger for a short period in a given area, and if a bug happens by then chances are high it will be killed. Unfortunately when the spray wears off, so does the opportunity to get rid of the bedbugs!

How about bed bug powder?

Bed bug powder can be an effective method to get rid of bed bugs as long as the powder as the primary ingredient of diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth is a natural powder that kills bed bugs on contact. This makes it one of the most effective ways to get rid of bed bugs. It works in such a way that when the powder comes in contact with the bed bugs skin, it will dehydrate and ultimately kill the bed bug.

Bed bug powder is a classic example of residual bed bug treatment since it can linger for days on a given surface and work wonders in killing bed bugs that come into contact.

Bed bug spraying 101

How effective is it in killing bed bugs?

Depending on the active ingredients, bed bug sprays can be an effective remedy for getting rid of bedbugs. The trick is to find the right spray and know how to use it. To successfully spray a given area that is infested with bed bugs you have to reach as many hiding places as possible. To achieve this, you have to move as much furniture as possible away from the walls to gain as much access as possible to the bugs’ hiding places.

When it comes to spraying your bedding, then you have to spray from the outside. You may have to make use of other methods such as a powder to effectively get rid of the bedbugs.

When searching for sprays, you will come across those described as non-toxic or all natural. If you are considering spraying your home and living there after the treatment, then you might want to consider such sprays because you have to take into consideration your safety and that of your family. You should also consider vacuuming the room before spraying to give the product a fighting chance in getting rid of most if not all the bed bugs.

What spray kills bed bugs?

Considering that there are numerous sprays on the market, from the natural to the not-so-natural, it is important to educate yourself on which spray may work and which may not work given the level of infestation you are faced with. This makes finding just the right effective spray hard. Fortunately, with so many reviews and recommendations over the internet, you can at least get a good idea as to which spray to use.

The unfortunate reality is that bed bugs are becoming resistant to bed bug sprays. There are cases where once-effective pesticides such as Pyrethroids and DDT are not so effective in getting rid of bedbugs. Instead, the bugs laugh and crawl off to a brand new hiding place in your home!

Also, when trying to get rid of bed bugs, most people focus on the adults and forget about the eggs. Imagine you are sure that you have sprayed and killed each and every adult bed bug in your home and sit back and relax with no bed bug worries. A few weeks later, you discover that you have yet more bed bugs in your home!

Don’t get shocked; it’s the eggs that have turned into the bed bugs! Bed bugs have a fast reproductive process which makes them hard to get rid of. Unfortunately, most bed bug sprays don’t destroy the eggs which give you a temporary solution when the adults die.

If you opt for a bedbug spray, then you need to ensure that it does contain IGR. IDG or insect growth regulator helps ensure that the bed bugs’ life cycle comes to a halt.

Will bed bug spray kill scabies?

Depending on the ingredients used, bed bug spray may kill scabies. For example, if you decide to use a natural spray such as tea tree oil spray then you can get rid of both scabies and the bed bugs.

Furniture bed spray and its effectiveness

Assuming that you have inspected and discovered that bed bugs reside inside your furniture then you definitely have to get rid of them. When considering spraying furniture, you should test a small portion of the furniture to ensure that the spray won’t cause damage. If you find that you can safely use the spray, then you have to prep the furniture for spraying.

First off, you have vacuum the furniture to get rid of as many bed bugs and their eggs as possible. Then you might wish to steam the furniture (be sure to test out a small piece of the furniture to ensure that the steam won’t cause damage).  Steaming is one of the most efficient ways to get rid of bed bugs; since bed, bugs hate temperatures only over 180° Fahrenheit. Once you are done with vacuuming and steaming, then you can introduce bed bug spray. Be sure to read and carefully follow instructions given on the spray bottle.

Bed bug repellent spray for skin

Imagine the nightmare of crawling bugs on your skin sucking blood as you sleep! That thought alone is enough to drive most people up the hills or keep you awake at night! Luckily, there are steps you can take to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. A bedbug repellent spray is one such remedy. Ideally, you should opt for one that has natural ingredients to ensure that you have limited allergic reactions.

Allergic reaction to bed bug spray

Different people react differently for bed bug sprays. One person may get an allergic reaction while the other may not. To avoid allergic reactions from a given spray, you should test it out on the back of your hand or leg and if there is a reaction then avoid using.

Finding the best bed bug spray

You can find bed bug sprays in some online stores of hardware stores. But what is the best bed bug spray on the market? There are some good options out there such as the JT Eaton. You need to research and read reviews as well as testimonies from people who have used a particular product before thinking of buying one as well.

Can I use fly spray for killing bed bugs?

Generally speaking, when you’re searching for a spray to kill bed bugs, it should be clearly indicated that the given spray is meant for use in getting rid of bedbugs. As such, fly spray may not kill bed bugs unless you are dealing with a very weak strain of bed bugs.

How about Zodiac spray for bedbugs?

Going by the ratings on Amazon-an online shopping platform, Zodiac spray is relatively effective in getting rid of bedbugs in addition to other pests such as fleas, ticks, ants, and roaches.

Zero spray for bedbugs?

Zero spray with its staying power of more than a year is another effective spray to help get rid of bedbugs.

Will Lysol spray kill bed bugs?

Lysol does kill bed bugs; however, it has to keep wet if it is to work at keeping away bed bugs. This means that when the spray dries, its effectiveness dries with it. Also, you have to find and directly spray the bed bugs to kill them with Lysol.

Will spraying rubbing alcohol kill bed bugs?

Rubbing alcohol does act as a repellent, and it will kill bedbugs on contact. Unfortunately, it provides a temporary solution to the bedbug problem since constant application is required for it to remain effective.

Will lice spray kill bed bugs?

As long as the lice spray does have the active ingredient, Permethrin, then yes, it can kill bed bugs

How about Sprayway Good Night bed bug spray?

Sprayway good night bed bug spray does promise to kill bedbugs on contact. This spray can be used on your mattress, bed frame, pillows, carpet or box springs in a bid to get rid of bedbugs. It is odorless and will also get rid of dust mites, lice, and ticks in your home.

Does fungal spray for bedbugs work?

There are studies to indicate that Beauveria bassine-a natural soil-dwelling fungus can be used to get rid of bedbugs. The studies that were carried out at Penn State University made use of the beauveria bassiana to infect and kill bed bugs. The fungus works in such a way that it penetrates through the bed bugs skin where it will drain its fluid and nutrient and ultimately result in its death.

The beauty of the fungus spray is that you don’t have to physically apply it to the bedbug for it to work. Instead, you can implement it to places where the bed bugs may crawl and come in contact with the fungus. It takes only a handful of bedbugs exposed to the fungus to transmit to other bed bugs thus killing them by the dozens in a matter of days.

Much as the fungus spray is non-toxic to humans, care must still be taken when using it. For example, it should be applied in areas such as under the box spring where there will be little or no human contact.

How about permethrin spray for bedbugs?

You can use 0.5% Permethrin spray to help get rid of bedbugs. Permethrin does kill bed bugs on contact. As such, it has to be applied in their hiding places such as cracks, crevices, in carpers or furniture.

Does raid max bed bug spray work?

Yes, raid max does kill bed bugs. This is because it can comfortably be used against some pest problems such as ticks, dust mites, and lice. You can spray it over a given surface or point it towards cracks and crevices to get rid of hiding bed bugs. The best news is that with raid max, you not only get rid f the adult bed bugs but their eggs as well to avoid re-infestation!

How about kerosene spray for bedbugs?

Kerosene spray can kill bed bugs, however; it has to get in contact with the insect to successfully kill it. If you are thinking of using kerosene to kill bedbugs, you have to be mindful of the fact that it is inflammable thus making it a dangerous remedy.

Will freeze spray for bed bugs get rid of them?

Bedbugs can be killed by freezing. Unfortunately, when using common freezing mechanisms such as the freezer, you will need to wait days on end before the bed bugs can die. With a freeze spray, however, it takes a matter of minutes for the bedbugs to die. This is because it makes use of carbon dioxide to kill the bugs.

Freeze spray such as Cryonite works in such a way that it produces pressurized carbon dioxide snow which when it comes in contact to the bug will freeze it to death. This freeze spray is non-toxic and chemical-free. It is capable of getting rid of some pests such as cockroaches in a home/office. When it comes in contact with the bed bug, it will rapidly freeze any fluids in its cells thus causing instant death. Besides killing the adults, freeze spray can also kill the eggs thus preventing future re-infestation.

Let’s talk about natural spray to kill bed bugs

You may be wondering how to kill bedbugs at home. This is because you want a solution that is effective yet safe for the entire family. This is where natural remedies come into play. You can make use of a natural spray to get rid of bedbugs and have little worry over the safety of your family.

There are some essential oils such as tea tree oil, cedar oil and cinnamon oil that can be used as a spray against bed bugs. Bear in mind however that natural sprays are more for repelling than killing bed bugs in as much as they do kill the bugs.

It is possible to make your natural spray as long as you get the right essential oils, a spray bottle and understand how much oil and water should be mixed in the bottle.  For example, when using lavender and rosemary oil, you will need to fill the bottle with water and add about 20 drops of lavender and rosemary oil. For this mixture to work, you will have to ensure that the 20 drops go into every 250ml of water. Once done, you will have to shake the mixture before spraying in a given area thoroughly.

Diatomaceous earth spray for bed bugs

Diatomaceous earth is one of the most natural yet effective remedies for getting rid of bedbugs. Not only does it kill bed bugs on contact but will also help deter the bed bugs from freely moving around your home. All you have to do is spray diatomaceous earth spray in places where bed bugs tend to hide such as cracks, crevices, along with molding, along windowsills and in drawers and watch them die by the hundreds.

Cinnamon bed bug spray

Cinnamon is a natural bed bug repellent. This means that it helps keep the pesky creatures away although it may not kill them. As such, it should be used as a temporary solution to the bedbug problem.  To kill the bed bugs, the cinnamon would have to come into contact with the bug, which makes it tricky thereby making it less effective in killing the creatures.

Cedar oil spray for bed bugs

Much like cinnamon or lavender oil for that matter, cedar oil can kill bed bugs. However, it has to come in contact with the bed bug to be effective. This makes it a temporary solution to getting rid of bedbugs.

Treating bed bugs yourself

If you would rather get rid of bed bugs yourself, then there are some options in the market. First off, you need to find out which rooms are infested with bed bugs and proceed to prep the room. Once you locate the rooms then you will have to collect and wash all the beddings in hot water; thoroughly vacuum the room before steaming and introducing powders or sprays.

Steps to get rid of bed bugs yourself

  • Thoroughly vacuum the room that is infested with bed bugs. Be sure to move any furniture that may be concealing hiding places for bed bugs before vacuuming. Make use of a stiff brush to remove bed bug eggs.
  • When you are done with vacuuming, steam the room to get rid of bed bugs further.
  • After steaming, you can try natural powders or sprays such as diatomaceous earth to kill any remaining bed bugs.



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