Bed Bug Issue Hits Ogdensburg High-Rises


People residing in the Centennial and Riverview high-rises in Ogdensburg can enjoy wonderful views.

But now they’re looking more into every crack and crevice of their home, searching for bed bugs. The infestation can grow very quickly.

The bugs were found in the beginning of the year at the high-rises. Local people say that some of the residents are already going to move away.

“They’re shocked or saddened about how things have been handled in the housing. And they’re scared,” said Marilyn Luzinski, who lives in Riverview Towers.

Housing authorities say bedbugs are not only an issue at the apartments. They say these insects are causing trouble in whole Ogdensburg city. But they also say they will do anything possible to get rid of them.

Bedbugs have been found in 21 apartments in the two high-rises so far, said William Seymour, the Ogdensburg Housing Authority director. Residents of some houses have already got bites.

Those buildings have all been disinfected as well as some nearby ones. Some local people would like the extermination carried out in every building.

“They have said, ‘Oh, it’s so pricey,’ Alright, so you think more about your money than our safety,” said Heather Washburn, who lives in Centennial Terrace.

Seymour says doing an extermination in all 200 houses is not the best variant.

“If we killed every bug in these houses now, you can come tomorrow with a bed bug on you and the infestation will start again,” he said.

Bed bug infestations have been growing across the country. Their bites hurt and can lead to infection and allergy.

So do Riverview and Centennial residents suppose enough is being done? Their opinion is firm.

“Completely no,” said a group of them.

The housing authority in its recent newsletter published advice about how to keep these pests at bay. It’s going to continue carrying out exterminations when bed bugs are found.

The authority members have also talked to the county’s health department.


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